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Navin Lanka Tours: Your Gateway to Sri Lankan Splendors

Discover the beauty of Sri Lanka with Navin Lanka Tours, based in Anuradhapura. With seven years of expertise, we offer tailored day and multi-day tours, including honeymoons, safaris, wildlife, nature, history, culture, and tea experiences.


Explore Sri Lanka With Navin

Explore Sri Lanka with Navin Lanka Tours

Welcome to Navin Lanka Tours, where we’ve curated unforgettable experiences for over seven years. Located in Anuradhapura, we offer diverse day and multi-day tours tailored to your preferences.

Tailor-Made Adventures: Specializing in personalized journeys, we cater to your unique tastes—be it a romantic honeymoon, thrilling safari, or a deep dive into history and culture.

Beyond Boundaries: Embark on wildlife expeditions, embrace nature’s tranquility, and delve into Sri Lanka’s history with our safari, nature, and historical tours.

Tea Trails and Classics: Indulge in Ceylon’s essence with our tea tours and uncover timeless beauty with our classic tours.

Client-Centric Excellence: Your satisfaction is our priority. Experience personalized service and create lasting memories with Navin Lanka Tours.

Start Your Journey: Explore Sri Lanka’s beauty with Navin Lanka Tours. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor, our team is ready to welcome you.

Discover the Magic: Every journey is a story waiting to be told. Discover the magic of Sri Lanka with Navin Lanka Tours.

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Discover the sri lanka with our exceptional tour experiences, where every journey becomes a cherished memory. Dive into the heart of nature with our thrilling safaris, and witness the wild in its purest form. Need a reliable ride? Our taxi service is here to take you wherever you desire, with comfort and convenience at its core.

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we craft extraordinary experiences for our clients. We design captivating tours in Sri Lanka that immerse you in culture, uncover hidden gems, and explore breathtaking landscapes. Our tours enchantinspire, and educate, ensuring each day with us becomes a cherished memory. Join us for a journey that transforms ordinary moments into beautiful adventures.”

At Navin Lanka Tours we prioritize your comfort and safety. Our reliable drivers guarantee punctuality and efficiency. We custom-tailor each ride to your preferences, offering affordability and trust. When you book with us, you experience more than just a ride; you experience peace of mind. Choose Navin Lanka Tours for a hassle-free journey. We are looking forward you for give our best

“Why choose to book your safari with Navin Lanka Tours ? We transform your wildlife dreams into reality. We guide you through untamed landscapes, spotlight nature’s wonders, and immerse you in the wild. Our safaris unveil the secrets of the animal kingdom, ignite your sense of adventure, and create unforgettable moments. When you book with us, you experience the thrill of a lifetime.”

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Navin ensured our first trip to Sri Lanka and the fortnight of travel with his assistance was just what we hoped for. He is reliable, polite, very funny, energetic and will do anything to make your travel and outings memorabl,,,

More than just a 5 star recommendation! The day with Navin was absolutely great!
He picked us at the hotel at time agreed, and make the day beautiful! So kind and nice, and he provided us all needed information,

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